Travel Advisor Application

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Thank you for applying to join Million Miles Travel Agency as an Independent Contractor. I understand that if I am approved I will be charged an initial fee of $255 for access to our host agency.

I understand that I will need to submit the initial fee, executed IC contract, state ID, and W-9 form in order to begin training.

I understand that commencing with the 2nd month with Million Miles Travel Agency, I will be charged $55 (or $50 per month if paid annually) to maintain membership with Million Miles Travel Agency.

I further understand that for all monthly payments, the agent will be invoiced on the 4th of the month and payment is due by the 11th of each month. If the 11th of the month should fall on a legal holiday or weekend day, I understand that my payment will be due on the first business day following such holiday or weekend day.

I agree that if my payment is declined or not paid, I will receive a three day grace period and that after said time I will be charged a $25.00 administrative fee and agent access to the CRM and the travel agent portal will be suspended.

I understand that the administrative fee, the prior month’s fee and prepayment of one month’s fee must be received and approved in order for agent access to be restored.

Upon receipt of notice to terminate association with Million Miles Travel Agency, I will receive an accounting and records of all submitted bookings along with copies of all client information and a spreadsheet of estimated commission payments arising from bookings that have not traveled.

I agree that all fees are non-refundable and this agreement is in addition to the agreements made in the IC Contract.