Now Is The Time To Become A Travel Advisor

You are probably thinking that I am crazy to think now is a great time to become a travel advisor but hear me out. 2020 has been abysmal for most advisors’ bottomline but there have been some silver linings.

Here are five reasons now is the perfect time to become a travel advisor.

This is the 2020 mood of the year

Consumers are realizing the importance of having an educated advisor.

Did you or someone you know book a trip with Bookit or have to cancel any of your travels on your own this year. How frustrating was that for you? I bet on a scale of 1-10, it was somewhere near an 11.

There are consumers that went through the process of cancelling their own travels and do not wish to ever do it again and then there are other consumers that used an advisor and had a very smooth time. The time to capture those consumers dissatisfied with that experience is now and more advisors are needed to handle that demand.

Using a travel advisor is coming back in Vogue

Travel agents that just book car rentals are gone and are now replaced by travel advisors. This new breed of travel consultants are so much more than booking a plane ticket; they are planners, troubleshooters, and travel gurus. They are professionals that create the best, worry-free experience for their client that they can.

This ain’t your grandma’s travel agent


There is a pent up demand for travel

The beginning of covid-19 signalled the end of life as we know it for 2020. That means birthday trips, girls’ getaways, romantic getaways, honeymoons, destination weddings, and other leisure travel especially from March to June were cancelled. Although most travelers were not able to travel at the time they wanted does not mean that they did not want to travel. Most are looking forward to having a chance at a redo in 2021.

People look forward to their yearly getaways and going without can be soul crushing


Learn while we are in the calm of the storm

If you are not experienced in the travel industry learning all there is to know in the travel industry can be intimidating and overwhelming. All those websites that entice you saying it will be easy are full of false advertising. To be a true professional, you need to learn and what better time to do so than when things are much slower and you can learn at a less than breakneck speed. Most experienced travel advisors are taking the time to learn more about their craft to come back for a bigger and better 2021, so why shouldn’t you take the opportunity to learn how to be a professional advisor.

Never depend on single income. Make investments to create a second source

Warren Buffett

The importance of working from home set-up or having a second income

Whether you are already working from home or saw your normal job reduce or completely dissolve your current employment the ability to comfortably work from home or have a second stream of income cannot be discounted.

Can you imagine working a part-time, full-time, or any-time schedule? If you are a stay at home mom or someone who may want to step away from the full time hustle and bustle now may be the time to look at your options in the travel industry.

My phone has become a permanent part of my body

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to make a career change or just finding a fun side hustle, let’s chat about creating a new career as a travel advisor. I would love to hear from you.

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